Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bullet points

Storm clouds gather, and the week is only half over.

Rain has pounded here the last few days so much so that the parking lot at my complex looks like a lake. My personal, professional, and weather-related problems are a far cry, however, to what people around the world are dealing with these days. Thankfully we have at least a few things to be excited about...

Oil prices took their sharpest decline since the original Gulf War this week, which according to the rent-a-pundits on the cable news stations is something we should be excited about. This explains why the price this week was the same as it was last week, which is something we're not used to. Apparently a 0.1% decrease in demand had that great of an effect, though this will all correct itself as prices are estimated to hit $4.00/gallon this summer.

Someone is going to die on "Lost" this week, which by the looks of the ads is something we should be excited about. You can count on public interest in television whenever a person is either going to be voted off or killed. My money is on Claire, since we know Aaron is in the "Oceanic 6" but she is not. Maybe Michael now that they just brought him back-- that would be an easy marketing-worthy kill. Or Penn Jillette, since he's really not that good of a dancer.

And for the first time in a long while, later-scheduled primaries may actually help determine a presidential candidate, which is something my relatives claim we should be excited about. In Indiana, for example, this is the first time we've had an influence on a big election since the 1960's because the primaries here are usually late enough that a winner has already been selected by the time it's our turn to vote. Stumping against things you've previously supported (the war, NAFTA, No Child Left Behind, most other things) and frequently using the words "freedom" and "future" in your speeches are probably the best techniques to win our 74 delegates.

See? I'm not sure why I was getting so depressed. Things aren't all bad! Our glass is overfilling with half-fullness! Right?

Track 8: "Be Easy" by Ghostface Killah from "Fishscale"
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Great party song from Wu Tang's most consistent warrior. He has always been a master sampler, but his use of The Sylvers on this one takes the cake.